“Teaching English with Technology” (15th-29th October 2017)

by Mrs. Lützeler and Ms. Willems

On Sunday, 15th October 2017, we went on a long journey to Brighton via train. After having collected our keys at a very suspicious place (somewhere between a car park and loads of rubbish) we made our way to our “posh” apartment at “Brunswick Terrace” – very posh from the outside, but unfortunately not as “prestigious” from the inside as previously announced. Nevertheless, we got used to it and it – somehow – became our beloved home after a while.

We used our first Sunday off to explore Brighton’s seaside. Those of you who have been to Brighton before will be disappointed to hear that the famous big wheel at the seafront had to give way to a strange, futuristic UFO owned by British Airways called “eye360” which offers tourists a 360° view over Brighton and the English Channel (some even swear that they had seen France…). Well, we decided not to act as tourists and had some fish & chips instead.

On Monday, 16th October, we started our course “Teaching English with Technology” at our school ELC (English Language Center). For the next two weeks we were students again and had to attend lessons in the morning and in the afternoon. We were nine teachers among more than 100 teenagers.

The course “Teaching English with Technology” focused on how to use apps and digital technology to support language teaching. Some lessons focused on quizzes and timelines as well as on making mind maps with the help of technology. Other classes dealt with the question of how the different skills (Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening) can be taught with the help of computers. Moreover, we were introduced to different digital tools supporting vocabulary learning.

In our free time we took part in our school’s social programme and took part in a guided walking tour of Brighton and visited the Devil’s Dyke, where we enjoyed a long walking tour through the amazing landscape of Sussex. We also visited Arundel. Arundel is a great village, which is only 30 miles away from Brighton. The much-conserved town has a medieval castle (where Harry Potter was shot) and a Roman Catholic cathedral. We felt like time travellers…

The weekend was off - so we went to London on Saturday. We enjoyed a day of pure sunshine and relaxed sightseeing and took part in a guided “Harry-Potter- walking tour” – hilarious! All of you who have watched the Harry Potter films so far (if not: do so!), might have noticed that they are not really set in London – despite of a few scenes. Ignoring this fact, our tour guide – Robert Walker – managed to walk us through London giving a lot of interesting information on London adding sentences like: “Let’s visit the Westminster underground station – they closed it for a whole day! Just to shoot an eight-second-scene with dementors…”. All in all, we had a great laugh – or maybe we are just muggles who did not get it. On Sunday, we took the “Coaster” (double deck bus) to Seaford. There, we started our walking tour to the “Seven Sisters”. The view was amazing! Moreover, we went to Lewes. Lewes is an old village, where you can visit the famous (?) “Anne of Cleves House”, see lots of old houses, an old castle and the “Snowdrop Inn” (The pub’s name reminds of the worst snowdrop ever happened in the UK).

Leaving Brighton on the 29th October was sad, because – after having lived and worked in Brighton for two weeks - we felt like locals. Brighton has been called the UK's “hippest city”, and “the happiest place to live in the UK” – we can totally agree!